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    One of the main resolutions people have at the beginning of every new year is to declutter, getting rid of stuff that’s accumulated over the past year or three. Having helped many homeowners prepare their homes for sale (and to move!), here are some of the tips I’ve shared with them to help them clean out a little:

    • Getting rid of unnecessary paper can help a room look tidier almost immediately. Old magazines, newspapers, expired coupons, wrapping paper and unused takeout menus can all be recycled without a second thought.
    • Go through your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and get rid of anything that’s expired, whether it’s food items, makeup or medicine.
    • Unused, damaged or duplicate items. Items you haven’t used or have too many of can be donated to new, loving homes or sold in a garage sale.

    If you’d like more tips on how to declutter, or would like some more information on preparing a house for sale, let me know – (210) 338-0799. I’m always happy to share what I know.

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