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    Did You Know the 4 Ways to Sell Your Home?

    Did you know there are four ways to sell your home?

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    Here are the four ways you can sell your home:

    1. For sale by owner. You can sell your house yourself, which is sometimes called a “resale by owner.” This option means you’ll have to do a ton of work—you’re doing it all yourself. If you’re not experienced in selling homes, you’ll probably spend much more than you should, only to not get top dollar and lose out in negotiations.

    2. Hire a discount broker. This is similar to selling the house yourself because a discount broker won’t do much to help you sell, leaving quite a bit of the work up to you.

    The traditional selling process will likely net you the most money when you sell.

    3. Hire a traditional brokerage. This will likely net you the most money when you sell, and you’ll have solid representation. The drawback of the traditional real estate process is that it often takes a bit more time than selling it yourself.

    4. Selling to an iBuyer. Basically, an iBuyer company such as Opendoor or Perch will buy your home from you. The benefit of this option is that it’s quick and easy. However, you’ll almost always get a lower price than if you were to sell it the traditional way.

    If you have any more questions about the different ways to sell your house, please give me a shout via phone or email. I’d love to speak with you.

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