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    How Can I Improve My Listing Presentation?

    These three tips will help you show people why they should choose you.

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    Today I want to share three tips to improve your listing presentations. These tips will help you effectively demonstrate to the client why they should hire you as their real estate agent:

    1. Have a question-based presentation. This allows you to get to know your client, and that’s when the magic happens. Ask what their goals are, what they liked about any previous agents they may have had, and why they’re moving. These are essential things to know. You don’t want to just go on talking about yourself; you need to listen to them.

    2. Memorize your presentation. Learn your presentation by heart, and you won’t be worried about talking or answering questions because you’ll know what to say.

    You don’t want to just go on talking about yourself; you need to listen to them.

    3. Know your statistics. Know how the market is doing, what the average price point is, the average selling price in their neighborhood, how quickly you sell homes, how quickly other houses are selling, and more. Knowing these stats backward and forward will help you immensely; you’re a real estate expert, so know your facts like one.

    Bonus tip: Pre-qualify yourself to the seller. Talk to the seller before you meet with them and ask a few questions: Why are you looking to sell? Have you had any recent inspections done? How would you rate your property between one and 10? These questions can go a long way in helping them see that you know what you’re doing.

    If you have further questions about listing presentations or anything else, I’d be glad to help you. Please call or email me; I look forward to speaking with you.

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