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    How Do I Maintain My Home in the Summer?

    These four maintenance tips will keep your home safe during the summer.

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    Today I’m sharing four summer maintenance tips that will help your home stay cool and safe during these blazing hot months of the year.

    1. Window treatments. It’s a great time to clean the windows and consider putting something up to cover the blistering San Antonio sun coming into your house. Look into drapes, blinds, shades, etc. These help conserve energy in your home.

    2. Check for leaky pipes. Nothing harms a house more than leaks. Walk around and look at all pipes and wet areas to make sure nothing’s leaking. If something is broken or leaking, get it repaired immediately. Water can cause a ton of damage.

    3. Change air filters. Likely the most expensive thing in your home is your air conditioner. Make sure you’re changing the air filters, and if the A/C hasn’t been serviced recently, make that appointment. You want the air running well when we have 100-degree days.

    Nothing harms a house more than leaks.

    4. The deck. Bad decks are one of the most common things I see in houses. Re-paint it, clean it, or even build one if you want it. Adding a deck is a wonderful summer project that helps your yard look fantastic.

    These are just a few of my main tips but I have many more. I’m currently working on a lot of these in my own home. If you would like more tips, or have any questions, please give me a call or send an email. I’d be glad to speak with you.

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